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sheer deceit

Photography: Amman Khan

long sleeve body suit with high neckline. long tucked dress with a wide waistband

long sleeve wrap top with exaggerated bow. high waisted pant with side seam slits

wide sleeved body suit with an open back. color blocked high waisted pants with front cutouts 

sleeveless color blocked high low dress with a closed hood

color blocked one shoulder top with exaggerated dolman sleeve. high waisted swim shorts

scooped back thong bodysuit with safety pin detail and leopard print swim short

cascading cape with a closed hood and safety pin detail,

high waisted bikini with bungee cord belt

color blocked swimsuit with color blocked mini cape

high waisted thong swimsuit with a laced up back

crop top with puff sleeve, high waisted swim shorts, and fabric belt

Off the shoulder color blocked romper. white thong bikini bottoms

embroidered bralette 

and thong bottoms

safety pin bandeau with a high waisted swim short

high waisted color blocked thong swimsuit with an oversized hood

Artist statement

Creation period: 06/01/2020-08/01/2020

This gender fluid resort collection includes both swimsuits as well as sportswear garments. This group of garments are not gender specific, as they are intended to be worn by anyone who enjoys them and feels comfortable enough to wear them. As a designer with various  intersectional aspects of my identity, having both Latino and African heritage, and identifying as a non binary Individual, I have made it a goal to help break down the rigid walls society has placed around gender through my work.


Sheer Deceit is a visual representation of many different emotions and situations I have been working through during this strange, chaotic, and transitional phase in my life.

The garments in this collection are made out of knit or faux leather fabrics. They are all made from larger remnants or scraps from personal or donors fabric collections. These pieces of fabric could have easily ended up in the landfill, Instead

I challenged myself with the task of designing with scrap materials. 


This collection includes fully realized looks. These are made up of twenty eight garments, eight body harnesses, and one purse. Each one can be separated from the original design and can be mixed and matched to create a variety of unique outfits.


(All photography done by Amman Khan)

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